We have relationships with a diverse network of journalists who report on business, technology, consumer lifestyle, and shifts in culture. Our work has resulted in high-profile press coverage in outlets like The New York Times, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed, Teen Vogue, and more. But we are strategists first; publicists second.

Positive press coverage is the result of smart communications strategy, not the measure of success itself. We value quality over quantity; positioning over clicks. We believe media relations is a long-term investment in relationship building and brand positioning; not transactional and not for ‘quick hits’.

This is not about one press placement, or one news cycle. We redesign dialogues about today's most pressing and complex issues. We drive press and consumer buzz to increase awareness of brands that are a positive force in the world.

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“Some of the smartest in the business: creative, plugged into current events, and have inspired me to write several stories, some not even involving their clients.”

- Elizabeth Segran, Fast Company

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“Have I thanked you for bringing me these incredible stories? Don't think any PR has ever batted 1.000 with me before.”

- Kevin Roose, The New York Times

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"A source of constant inspiration… committed to shining a light on small local initiatives that could scale to have a national impact."

- Eillie Anzilotti, The Atlantic’s CityLab


A note to journalists:

We work with organizations and brands that advocate for social change -- not as a marketing gimmick, but as an integral part of their business.

// We only represent brands we believe in, and with leaders sincere about impacting positive change in the world.

// We are brand representatives with honesty and integrity. No spin; no fluff; no lies.

// We value genuine, long-term relationships with reporters based on shared interests, not quick transactions.

// We act as a source to the press: sharing story leads, insights and introductions outside the scope of our paying clients.

// We believe a free press is crucial for a functioning democracy. We fight to protect this both as private citizens and as allies to the press through the support of, and involvement in, organizations like the National Press Club and the International Women's Media Foundation.